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Friday the 13th Part 2

Friday the 13th Part II is a 1981 slasher film directed by Steve Miner, who also directed its sequel, Friday the 13th Part III and several other popular horror films. A sequel to Friday the 13th (1980), it is the second film in the Friday the 13th film series. It was a moderate box-office hit, opening on May 1, 1981 in first place. The film was the first to feature Jason Voorhees as the main antagonist, a trend which would be repeated for the rest of the series (with the exception of the fifth film).


Alice L. Hardy (Adrienne King), the only survivor of a murder rampage at Crystal Lake, is brutally murdered when an adult Jason Voorhees stabs her in the temple with a ice pick after she discovers the severed head of Pamela Voorhees in her refrigerator. Jason did not drown in the lake as Pamela had initially believed, and had witnessed her death. The act drove Jason out of hiding in the nearby forest to kill his mother’s killer and anyone who crosses his path.

Five years later, a group of teenagers come to Crystal Lake to reopen the site and set up a new camp. As Paul Holt (John Furey), the head counselor, tells the story of Jason, one of his friends leaps out of the woods in an attempt to scare the campers. After regaining their composure, Paul tells the counselors that Jason is dead. However, Jason, whose face is shielded by a burlap sack, is stalking them. While standing by a tree, Crazy Ralph is killed when Jason garrotes him with a chunk of barbed wire. Officer Winslow is next to be victim, and is killed with a set of claws from a hammer into his head. Jason then begins to attack and kill the campers. He kills troublemaker Scott by hanging him by his feet before slitting his throat with a machete. He then kills his female companion Terry offscreen.

A wheel chair-bound camper named Mark is killed by Jason when he is struck with a machete and thrown down a flight of stairs. With a spear in hand, Jason moves up to where lovers Sandra Dier and Jeff are having sex. Sneaking into the room, he impales the couple with the spear going all the way through the bed and to the floor. An investigating Vicki is murdered with a kitchen knife into her stomach after she is slashed in her right leg. A survivor, Ginny Field (Amy Steel), is pursued by Jason into the woods and finds his shack containing a shrine to his mother with the severed and mummified head of Pamela Voorhees atop a shrine, surrounded by numerous candles and mutilated corpses, including the body of Terry.

When she hears him approaching, a frantic Ginny locks Jason out, but he breaks in wielding a pick-axe. Ginny’s quick thinking has allowed her to dress in Pamela’s sweater and manipulate Jason’s low intelligence to think she is his reincarnated mother long enough to kill him in a surprise attack and escape. Unfortunately, Jason wises up after he sees his mother’s severed head, and attacks Ginny. Paul suddenly arrives, and wrestles with Jason. As Jason is about to kill Paul, Ginny drives a machete in Jason’s shoulder allowing them to escape. They, armed with a broken pitchfork, hide in a cabin. While they are distracted over a Terry’s dog that wandered in, a still alive Jason breaks in through a window, finally revealing his hideously deformed face. After a time, Ginny later wakes in an ambulance with no recollection of how she escaped, leaving Jason on the loose and the ultimate fate of Paul unclear. The final shot shows Mrs. Voorhees’ head to show that Jason’s murderous rampage is not over yet.


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