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Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III is the third film in the Friday the 13th series. Released in 1982, it was the first film in the series to feature Jason Voorhees wearing the hockey mask that has become his prominent trademark. Friday the 13th Part III was released theatrically in 3-D, and is notable as the first Paramount Pictures film produced in 3-D since 1954. Much like its sequel Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, this film was intended to end the series. Unlike its sequel and the later film, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, this film did not include a moniker in its title to indicate as such.


Picking up one day after the events of Friday the 13th Part 2, the horribly deformed mass murderer Jason Voorhees has survived his attack at the hands of Paul Holt and Ginny Field and has migrated to a store where he steals new clothes. He then murders the store owners, Harold with a meat cleaver slammed into his chest, and his wife, Edna with one of her own knitting needles through the back of her head, before moving on to a nearby lake front property named Higgins Haven.

At the same time, a girl named Chris Higgins, who was attacked by a mysterious, disfigured stranger in the woods near Crystal Lake two years earlier, returns to the property with her friends Debbie, Andy, Shelly, Vera, Chuck, and Chili. After meeting Abel, an inebriated, religious fanatic who warns them to turn back, the gang meets Chris’ boyfriend Rick at their destination (Higgins Haven). Chris intends to face her fears; however, none of her friends know that an unmasked and reclusive Jason has taken refuge in the barn to recover from his battle wounds. The gang run into trouble with some local bikers, Fox, Loco, and Ali, who then try vandalize the property. However, they are dispatched one by one by Jason before they can do any real damage – except for syphoning gas from Chris’s van. One biker (Fox) is impaled through the throat by a pitchfork, the next (Loco) gets another pitchfork through the stomach, and a third (Ali) is clubbed with a pipe wrench.

When Chris and Rick go out for a drive, Jason emerges. He slashes Shelly’s throat and takes his hockey mask. Now with a mask to cover his hideously deformed face, he then proceeds to murder the rest of the gang. He shoots Vera in the eye with a speargun. While Andy is handstand walking, he looks up as Jason slashes him with a machete, splitting him in half. Debbie has a knife shoved through her chest while she rests on the hammock. Chuck enters the basement when the power seems to die and is thrown on a fusebox and electrocuted. Chili then gets impaled through the stomach with a red hot fire poker.

Chris and Rick return to find the place empty and split up to see whats going on. Chris goes outside to call out to Rick, but Jason keeps his hand held over his mouth just a few feet away. Rick is then killed by Jason who squeezes his head until one of his eyeballs pops out. Jason then attacks Chris, chases her around the property, and into the barn. Chris hits Jason in the head with a shovel which knocks him temporarily unconscious, long enough to place a noose around his neck and roll him off outside the barn, hanging him. When Chris goes back down and opens the barn door, to her surprise, Jason has survived the hanging. Jason raises his mask up so he can take the noose off of his neck, thus showing his real face to Chris, at which point she recognizes him as the man who attacked her two years earlier. As Jason proceeds to attack Chris, one of the bikers: Ali, who survived his clubbing earlier, attempts his revenge, but Jason cuts off his hand and proceeds to hack him. With Jason distracted, Chris picks up an axe and strikes him in the head, apparently killing him. Chris then wanders over to the lake and falls asleep in a canoe that drifts into the middle of the lake.

The next morning, Chris wakes up and sees Jason unmasked and alive staring at her through an upstairs window in the house. When he spots her, he runs out to attack her but as Chris tries to escape, she is grabbed and taken into the water by a decomposing Pamela Voorhees (Marilyn Poucher). It is revealed that this was all a nightmare and at some point later, the police take a clearly mentally disturbed Chris off the property as the camera shows Jason’s supposedly dead body. The final shot is of the lake finally at peace.


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