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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning[note 1] (also known as Friday the 13th Part V or Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning) is a 1985 slasher film. It was released on March 22, 1985. It is the fifth film in the Friday the 13th film series. Despite the previous film claiming to be the “final chapter”, this installment set out to live up to its title by being a “new beginning” for the franchise.


A young Tommy Jarvis stumbles upon a graveyard. Two graverobbers, Neil and Les, are digging up the corpse of Jason Voorhees. Jason rises from the grave and murders Neil and Les before advancing towards Tommy.

The graveyard sequence turns out to be a dream; an older Tommy awakens from the dream in the back of a van. Tommy has been shifted between various mental institutions after killing the mass murderer Jason Voorhees four years earlier, who attacked him and Tommy’s sister Trish and murdered his mother. Tommy hallucinates the hockey-mask wearing killer and it is unclear what happened to Trish. Tommy arrives at a secluded house for troubled teens in the woods, called Pinehurst Halfway House. The house is owned by Dr. Matt Letter, and Tommy is shown to his room by Pam Roberts. He meets a young boy, Reggie, whose grandfather George works as the camp cook. The other teens at the halfway house include lovers Tina and Eddie, Robin, goth chick Violet, and shy and stuttering Jake.

Joey, a teenager at the halfway house, is killed with an axe by Vic at the house. One paramedic, Duke, jokes, but another medic, Roy Burns, is saddened by the death. Two hicks that live near the halfway house, Ethel Hubbard and her son Junior, threaten to shut the place down if the teens do not stop sneaking onto their property. That night, two punks, Vinnie and Pete, are murdered after their car stalls. The next night, Billy is waiting for his girlfriend, Lana, to finish her shift at a diner and is killed. Lana comes outside to meet Billy and is also murdered.

The next day, more murders begin when Tina and Eddie go off into the woods to have sex. Ethel’s farmhand Raymond is killed while spying on Tina and Eddie. After sex, Eddie retreats to wash off in the creek and Tina is murdered. Eddie returns and is also killed. Pam, Tommy and Reggie go to a nearby trailer park to see Reggie’s brother, Demon, and his girlfriend, Anita. Tommy gets in a fight with Junior and runs off, forcing Pam and Reggie to leave. Pam leaves Reggie at the halfway house and then searches for Tommy. Demon and Anita are murdered. Junior races back to the Hubbard House, crying to Ethel about what Tommy did, but the killer murders them both.

Reggie falls asleep and the killer quickly murders Jake, Robin and Violet. Reggie awakens and finds the dead bodies. Pam arrives and also sees the bodies. They try to flee, but encounter the killer, who appears to be Jason Voorhees. Pam and Reggie flee the halfway house and are separated in the woods. Pam finds Duke, Matt, and George dead. The chase finally leads to the barn where Reggie rams Jason with a bulldozer. Jason rises and attacks them inside the barn. Pam fends Jason off with a chainsaw and retreats to the loft with Reggie. Tommy appears, and is stabbed by Jason. Still alive, Tommy stabs Jason in the leg with a switchblade and climbs up to the loft as well, but passes out. Jason comes into the loft and finds Pam and Reggie, but Reggie manages to knock Jason off the hayloft. As they embrace, Jason pops back up and tries to drag Reggie off the loft, but Tommy musters enough strength to seize the machete and hack Jason in the hand, sending him falling down onto sharp farm equipment. The mask and prosthetic face are removed to reveal Roy Burns as the killer.

In the hospital it is explained that Joey was Roy’s son and his death drove Roy mad, causing him to dress up as Jason and go on a killing spree. Pam checks on Tommy, who is asleep, but Tommy suddenly pops up and stabs Pam with a machete. It turns out to be Tommy’s dream and Pam comes in, only to see the window broken as Tommy stands behind her wielding a knife and wearing a hockey mask.


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