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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is a 1987 slasher film and the third film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. The film was directed by Chuck Russell written by original creator Wes Craven and co-written by Bruce Wagner and starred Heather Langenkamp, Craig Wasson, Robert Englund and Patricia Arquette in her first role.[1]


Six years after the events of the first film, Kristen Parker makes a replica of a house on Elm Street. While she is asleep she dreams about a little girl outside the house. When Kristen wakes up and goes to the bathroom she finds she is still asleep and encounters Freddy Krueger, who slashes her wrists with the razors on his glove. When Kristen awakes, she is holding a razor blade to her wrist. Her mother mistakes this incident as a suicide attempt and places Kristen in Westin Hills, a psychiatric hospital.

Kristen meets the other patients of the hospital- Joey Crusel, who does not speak; Taryn White, an ex-drug addict; Roland Kincaid, a tough kid with behavioral problems; Phillip Anderson, a talented sculptor; Jennifer Caulfield, a wannabe actress; Will Stanton, who uses a wheelchair because of an earlier suicide attempt. They are the “last of the Elm Street children” – the remaining children of the vigilantes who killed Freddy. Kristen also meets Dr. Neil Gordon, a psychiatrist, and Nancy Thompson, the new staff research scientist.

All of the kids are being tormented by Freddy in their dreams. If Freddy kills them in their dream, they die “for real.” When Kristen has another terrifying dream, she reveals a latent ability to bring others into her dreams by bringing Nancy into the dream to assist her. Nancy sees the potential of Kristen’s ability to defeat Freddy for good.

Freddy kills two patients when they fall asleep. He slashes Phillip’s feet and wrists and uses his tendons to walk him like a marionette to the top of the building. Freddy cuts the tendons, and sends Phillip falling to his death. Later, while Jennifer watches TV, the host of a talk show turns into Freddy and attacks the guest, Zsa Zsa Gabor. Jennifer walks over to the TV and smacks it. Two large mechanical arms explode out of the sides of the set; Freddy’s head comes out the top. The arms pick up Jennifer and smash her head-first through the screen.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon receives visits from a mysterious nun, who introduces herself as Sister Mary Helena. She tells Dr. Gordon that Freddy Krueger was born in the abandoned wing of the same hospital, Westin Hills, after inmates gang-raped his mother, Amanda Krueger. Amanda Krueger was a staff member who was accidentally locked inside over the Christmas holidays. The nun also says that when he was killed, Freddy Krueger was never properly buried and must be laid to rest in consecrated ground.

Nancy tells the kids during a group session that in their dreams they can be whomever, and possibly do whatever, they want. Nancy convinces Dr. Gordon to try an experimental hypnosis to put the kids and themselves into a deep sleep and have Kristen attempt to pull them into her dream. The attempt does not go well. Freddy lures Joey away and holds him captive in the dream world, which renders him comatose in the real world. As a result, Dr. Carver fires Neil and Nancy from the hospital.

Nancy goes to see her father, Lt. Donald Thompson. She makes an impassioned plea to him for help which ultimately falls on deaf ears. Neil tells her to go back to the hospital to help the kids while he forces Lt. Thompson to help him find Freddy’s remains and bury them. The two men stop at a church to collect holy water and a crucifix.

Back at the hospital, Nancy and the kids attempt a group sleep session to try to go in and free Joey and get to Kristen, who was thrown in the “quiet room” and sedated without her consent. As soon as the kids fall asleep, Freddy separates them. He kills Taryn by giving her a drug overdose, and he stabs Will in the stomach with his glove. Kincaid, who dreams of having super strength, manages to fight his way through Freddy’s barriers and reunite with Nancy and Kristen. The three save Joey before Freddy can kill him. However, Krueger reveals he gains strength from imprisoning the souls of his victims inside him. Kincaid attacks Freddy, but Freddy easily picks him up with one arm. Freddy is about to kill Kincaid when he senses that someone is messing with his corpse and disappears.

Neil and Lt. Thompson have found Freddy’s remains in a large auto salvage yard. They begin to dig a makeshift grave when the bones come to life. Lt. Thompson attempts to attack the Freddy-skeleton but the skeleton kills him by throwing him on a car fin. The skeleton then beats Neil with a shovel, leaving him unconscious near the makeshift grave.

Still in the group sleep session, the remaining kids and Nancy proceed to make their way through Freddy’s lair when they come to a room full of mirrors. Each of the party are grabbed and pulled through the walls by Freddy, except for Joey who lets out a piercing scream which shatters the mirrors and releases his friends. Nancy notices a bright light from an adjoining room and realizes it is her father’s spirit. The spirit tells her that he has crossed over and wanted to say goodbye to her, and they embrace. Seconds later, Nancy is stabbed twice in the stomach by Freddy, who took the place of Lt. Thompson, if it was ever his spirit at all. Believing that his biggest threat has been removed, Freddy proceeds to attack Kristen. Just as he is about to kill her, Nancy appears behind him and makes Freddy stab himself with his own glove. At the same exact time, Neil awakens and sprinkles the holy water on Freddy’s remains. He also uses the crucifix and completes the burial, causing Krueger to disappear in a brilliant white light. Nancy, grievously wounded, dies in Kristen’s arms.

At the Thompson’s funeral, Neil sees the mysterious nun again. When he goes to thank her, she vanishes. He is left standing by a gravestone. On the stone there is a name, Amanda Krueger; just below that is another name, Sister Mary Helena. The nun was the spirit of Freddy’s mother. Later, Neil falls asleep at his home, where he has the same house Kristen made at the beginning of the film. A light suddenly comes on inside the model house, implying Freddy’s survival, which sets up the events of the next film.


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