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Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins


Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (新七龍珠 神龍的傳說 Xīn qī lóng zhū Shén lóng de chuán shuō?, or Dragon Ball: Ultimate Edition) Originally released in America as “Dragon’s Pearl,” is an unofficial live-action remake of the first Dragon Ball feature film The Legend of Shenlong (known as Curse of the Blood Rubies in the English version), made in 1991. The plot revolves around a rag-tag group of heroes, led by Son Goku (“Monkey Boy” in the English dubbed version) trying to stop the antagonist named King Horn from using the wish-granting Dragon Balls to rule the world.

It was produced by Taiwan and shot in Nantou forests, with some scenes shot in Thailand.


In order to conquer mankind and rule the universe, King Horn sets out to find all seven of the Dragon Pearls. With two of the seven already in the evil king’s possession, it’s now up to the remaining five owners of the pearls — Son Goku (Son Gohan is the Owner, Son Goku his adopted Grandson), Piggy, La Ping, Turtle Man and Seetoe — to destroy King Horn and his two powerful warriors, Zebrata and Maria, before it’s too late.


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