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Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (also known as A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare) is a 1991 American slasher comedy horror film. It is the sixth – and as the title suggests, intended to be the last – film in the series of films featuring Freddy Krueger. However, the success of the film prevented the series from ending (much like Friday the 13th parts four and nine). Another film, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, was produced following this film. Although Freddy vs Jason takes place before this, this was New Line Cinema’s first film released in 3-D.Robert Englund reprises his role as Freddy Krueger; Lisa Zane, Yaphet Kotto, Breckin Meyer, Shon Greenblatt, Ricky Dean Logan, Lezlie Deane and Tobe Sexton also star. Additionally, several well-known actors make cameo appearances in the film, including Johnny Depp (whose screen debut was in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street), Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold, and Alice Cooper. Iggy Pop sings the movie’s title song, which plays over a montage of scenes from the previous Nightmare movies during the end credits.


In 1999, ten years have passed since the fifth film; Freddy Krueger had failed to attack Alice Johnson (Lisa Wilcox) and her son Jacob as they have moved away from Springwood, and it states that through a series of mysterious suicides and murders every child in Springwood, Ohio has died. It indicates there is evidence of another teenager; the film opens with the teenager on an airplane, but he falls through the plane before it can leave Springwood and after he escapes his house, which is directly across from 1428 Elm Street, he tries to flee on foot. Freddy tracks him down and ejects the boy from Springwood by sending him through the border. As Freddy cannot cross the city line, the opening seals itself when Freddy touches it. He tells him to be a “good little doggy, and go fetch!”

Waking without his memories of who he is or where he comes from, the teenager is eventually picked up by police and taken to a youth shelter, given the name John Doe by Maggie Burroughs, who becomes his care giver. Her other charges are introduced, Carlos, who was abused by his family, ending up with a hearing impairment, Tracy, a tough and angry girl who was raped in her youth by her father, and Spencer, whose rich lifestyle and overbearing father had driven him to drugs. Doc, a therapist at the shelter specializing in dream therapy suggests that Maggie try to help John discover who he is and that might help her with her own recurring nightmares of a woman being murdered. John begins having strange nightmares of his “memory” trying to get him to free it, and a newspaper clipping he brought makes Maggie suggest they go to Springwood to find his past. They take the van, but John has a hallucination telling him to “go back” and the panic reveals that Tracy, Carlos and Spencer also stowed away in the van hoping to escape the shelter. They arrive in Springwood where the adult population for the greater part has lost their minds and are both fearful and coveting of the new children who have come to town. Unable to contact the shelter, Maggie sends the three teens back while she and John decide to investigate the school. However, an unseen force keeps sending them in circles and they are unable to leave Springwood. They eventually walk down an abandoned street and break into a house, which quickly changes its exterior to reveal that it’s 1428 Elm. Freddy’s old house.

Maggie and John find where he got the newspaper clipping, and learn that the town’s psychosis was caused from the deaths of every child in Springwood, they learn Freddy had a child and they go to the orphanage where the matron recognizes John and Maggie as well. Unable to get any new leads, except that Freddy’s child’s first initial was ‘K’ they leave the matron playing “Skip to my Lieu” with imaginary children. Meanwhile, Carlos falls asleep and encounters Freddy who magnifies his hearing aid, then uses his claws on a chalkboard to make Carlos’ head explode from the noise, in reality his body vanishes and Tracy leaves the house while Spencer lays stoned in front of the television which is working for him, but is just a worn out piece of junk to Tracy. She gathers Maggie and John, and they return, but not before Spencer is pulled into a video game where images of his father and Freddy are the antagonists. His body zooming around the house like he’s in a video game, Tracy and John enter the nightmare to save him, but they are too late when Freddy knocks Spencer into a pit that Maggie witnesses. She is able to wake Tracy, but John is too far gone and they try to escape, however in John’s dream he is in a parachute and Freddy appears and says that he is not Freddy’s child and destroys the parachute making John fall on bed-spikes killing him, revealing his child was a girl, which he relays to Maggie in his dying breath. Freddy absorbs John’s soul and enters Maggie’s mind, now able to travel where she goes.

At the shelter, no one remembers Spencer, John or Carlos including Maggie’s boss. But Doc is able to remember them because he can control his dreams and is free of Freddy’s influence. Maggie remembers what John said and finds out that she had been adopted. She has another dream in which she witnesses Freddy Krueger kill his wife in front of Maggie’s eyes. Freddy reveals her name is Katherine Krueger and that she told the authorities he killed her mother resulting in her being put up for adoption, and now that they’re all dead he can start over, because “Every town has an Elm Street!” showing the shelter as his intended “playground.” Before waking her from the dream. Meanwhile Tracy is attacked by a nightmare of her father who becomes Freddy and she is able to wake herself by burning her wrists over the stove. They go to Doc, who was also attacked by Freddy. He discovers that he could bring a piece of Freddy’s shirt out of the nightmare and that would be how they kill him. Maggie enters a dream state and puts on a pair of 3-D glasses that serve as the climax of the film to the audience in the 3D version of the film. She steps into Freddy’s past, revealing his conception and childhood which he displayed the signs of psychosis, killing small animals and being taunted by children. Then him as a teenager in which he learned how to control his pain, using it to kill his abusive stepfather. And eventually discovering the demons responsible for granting his immortality. She confronts Freddy finally, and manages to grapple him until she’s brought out of her dream where he vanishes.

Managing to track Freddy down in the store room, Freddy traps Maggie in the storage cage with him where hand-to-hand combat ensues between them. Maggie using several confiscated weapons against Freddy and eventually disarming him before pinning him up to a post with his own glove. Tracy tosses Maggie a pipe bomb which she jabs into his chest and says “Happy Father’s Day” before escaping the resulting explosion. Blown to bits in the real world, the dream demons are unable to resurrect Freddy once more (meaning that he’s really dead for good) and escape, The 3D glasses that Maggie put on appear suddenly, and they celebrate that Freddy’s finally Dead for good.


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