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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday is a 1993 slasher film. Released August 13, 1993, it is the ninth, and ostensibly final installment of the Friday the 13th film series and the first to be distributed by New Line Cinema. New Line intended the film to be the last in the stand alone series and to set up Freddy vs. Jason, a film that had already been in development hell for 6 years at the time this film was released and would not come to fruition for another 10 years. Nine years after the release of this film Jason X was released to theaters.


The undead serial killer Jason Voorhees, is back at Crystal Lake. As he is about to kill a woman (undercover FBI agent Elizabeth Marcus), the FBI springs a trap. After gunning him down, they launch a grenade and Jason gets blown to pieces. His remains are sent to a morgue, where a coroner is hypnotized by Jason’s still beating heart and begins to eat it, causing himself to be possessed by the spirit of Jason. The now possessed coroner begins a killing spree, returning to Crystal Lake, where he kills several teenagers as well as others, and moving freely to new hosts when bodies he possesses become too damaged.

Meanwhile, bounty hunter Creighton Duke claims that only members of Jason’s bloodline can truly kill him and he will return to his old form if he is reborn possessing a member of his family. The only living relatives of Jason are his half-sister Diana Kimble, her daughter Jessica, and Stephanie, the infant daughter of Jessica and her estranged lover Steven Freeman.

Jason makes his way to Diana’s house. Steven attempts to protect her, but Diana is killed and Jason escapes. Steven is falsely accused and arrested for Diana’s murder, and meets Duke in prison. Duke reveals Jessica’s relation to Jason by asking Steven to ‘pay’ for the information by letting Duke break his fingers. Determined to get to Jessica before Jason does, Steven escapes from jail.

Steven goes to the Voorhees house to find evidence to convince Jessica of his innocence and Jason’s existence, but falls through rotten boards. Unscrupulous news anchor Robert Campbell, who is dating Jessica, enters and reveals on a phone call that he stole Diana’s body, planted it in the house to be revealed during an upcoming investigative show to boost his ratings. Jason bursts in and possesses Robert and then leaves with Steven in pursuit. Jessica, who is unaware that her boyfriend is the undead killer, is attacked by him so he can be reborn through her but is disrupted by Steven, who manages to stop him and get Jessica into a car. He runs over Jason and explains the situation, but Jessica does not believe him and throws him out of the car and goes to the police.

Steven turns himself into police and arrives at the station as Jason does, frees himself again and protects Jessica, who now realizes that Steven was telling the truth. In the chaos, Duke makes his escape. The two make their way to the diner where Diana worked and where baby Stephanie is. As they do, Jason arrives and a violent melee ensues leaving much of the staff dead and Jason presumably so. Jessica and Steven discover a note from Duke, telling them that he has the baby and ordering Jessica to meet him at the Voorhees house alone.

Jessica meets Duke at the Voorhees house and is given a mystical dagger which she can use to permanently kill Jason. Meanwhile Steven’s friend Randy, a police officer, is attacked by Robert at the diner. Back at the house, Duke falls through the floor, and Jessica is confronted by two police officers. One is killed accidentally with the dagger, and Jessica drops it under a dresser. The second is revealed to be Jason, and attempts to be reborn through Stephanie, but Steven arrives and severs his neck with a machete. Jason’s heart, which has now grown into a snake-like creature, crawls out of Randy’s neck, and makes its way to the basement where it crawls into Diana’s body. As Steven, Jessica and Duke realize what is happening, Jason explodes through the floor in his classic form.

As Jessica attempts to retrieve the dagger the two men alternately fight with Jason. Duke is killed, and as Jason prepares to kill Steven, Jessica stabs him in the chest, releasing the tortured souls of Jason’s victims as large hands burst out of the ground and pull Jason into Hell.

Steven and Jessica walk off into the sunrise with their baby. After they depart, Jason’s mask is unearthed by a dog, but Freddy Krueger’s clawed glove bursts out of the ground and drags it to Hell as he laughs.


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