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Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms


Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms is a 1998 direct-to-video science fiction film, sequel to the 1992 film Universal Soldier. Despite featuring the same characters as the original, the film features none of the original cast or crew. It was followed the same year with another sequel titled Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business. In 1999, a theatrical sequel, once again starring Van Damme, Universal Soldier: The Return was produced, which essentially ignored the plotline of the direct-to-video sequels entirely.


Following the events of the original Universal Soldier, the budget of the program is cut by the government. However, under the orders of a CIA director, a gang of mercenaries take control of the new line of Universal Soldiers to use them in the diamond smuggling business.

Luc Deveraux (now played by Matt Battaglia), survivor of the first incident with the Universal Soldiers, continues to cause problems, the enemy takes his newly found brother and news reporter Veronica Roberts prisoners.


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