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Tekken: The Motion Picture

Tekken: The Motion Picture (鉄拳 -TEKKEN-?) is a Japanese animated adaptation of the Tekken video games by Namco produced in 1998 by ASCII Corporation and Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Originally released in Japan as a two-episode OVA, an English adaptation was produced by ADV Films, which edited both episodes into a single hour-long film and featured a new Americanized soundtrack. The film’s story is loosely based on the first game, where Kazuya is the main character and Heihachi is the Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and Tekken 2, which features Jun and Lei’s investigation of the Zaibatsu’s illegal activities.


The film opens with a young girl named Jun Kazama crying over a rabbit killed by a bobcat. Kazuya Mishima, a kind boy around her age, appears and offers to kill the bobcat to cheer Jun up, but Kazuya’s abusive father, Heihachi, suddenly appears and berates Kazuya for his compassion, which he considers a weakness. In order to make Kazuya stronger and prove his worth, Heihachi throws Kazuya off a cliff to his apparent death right in front of Jun’s eyes.

Sixteen years later, Jun is an agent within Interpol, and is sent to investigate the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament, hosted by noneother by Heihachi Mishima, the owner of the multinational Mishima Conglomerate, which has been suspect to unethical and illegal biological experiments. Jun meets up with Lei Wulong, a detective from Hong Kong, and they are assigned to infiltrate the tournament together. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Kazuya somehow survived the fall and is now a cold, bitter man bent on revenge on Heihachi. Heihachi himself is aware that Kazuya is alive and apparently plans to bestow the Mishima Conglomerate to him when the time is right, but Heihachi’s adopted son, Lee Chaolan, is unhappy with this decision, as he desires the company for himself. To this end, he seduces Nina and Anna Williams, two Irish assassins, and hires them to kill Kazuya. While Lee does not care for neither Nina nor Anna, each believe he genuinely loves them and is merely using the other.

Jun and Lei board a boat to take them to an island in Singapore for the tournament, in the process meeting a large man named Jack with an ailing little girl, Jane (Jack fights his way onto the board by beating Lee’s bodyguard, Bruce). Kazuya himself sneaks aboard from a bridge once the boat has left the port. While Kazuya is training, Jun confronts him about the past, and Kazuya reveals how he survived: he cut his chest badly during the fall and was on the brink of death when the Devil approached him with an offer to help him survive with superhuman powers in exchange for his soul, and Kazuya accepted. Nina again tries to kill Kazuya, but Kazuya beats her just as Anna appears with a bazooka and blows the gym up. Jun and Kazuya escape in time, but Kazuya warns Jun not to interfere with him again on the threat of death.

The day of the tournament arrives, and Lee explains to the fighters (among them Paul, King, Jack, Law, Michelle, Baek, Yoshimitsu, Ganryu and Armour King) that they are to fight their way through a forest until they reach the central tower where Heihachi will be waiting for them. One vengeful competitor, Michelle Chang, tries to kill Heihachi there and then, but Heihachi foils her. However, to ensure that nobody will win the tournament, Lee secretly has his scientists release a special experiment into the field to stop the fighters. Meanwhile, Lei heads underground with Jack, who tells him that he is only looking for Dr. Boskonovitch, the only man who can save Jane from her illness. Eventually, they fight their way past some P. Jacks and reach Boskonovitch. In the process, Jack’s arm is gashed and leaks black oil, revealing that he is not human, but a cyborg.

Kazuya defeats Baek and runs into Michelle, who proves to be no match for him but too stubborn to give up despite Kazuya’s pleas for her to do so. Michelle pours out her tragic story to Kazuya about how Heihachi burned down her village and indirectly killed both her parents. When she pushes Kazuya too far, Kazuya knocks her out and almost kills her but is narrowly stopped by Jun, who vows to fight Kazuya and expel the Devil from him. Elsewhere, Nina and Anna decide to have their own battle to settle their rivalry once and for all, but during the fight, a biologically enhanced dinosaur-like being appears and devours Anna from behind. The creatures then round on Kazuya and Jun, but are defeated when Kazuya taps into his dark power. The last one runs away, leaving Kazuya’s path open. Lee appears at the door and challenges Kazuya but is beaten just as Heihachi emerges and engages Kazuya in combat.

As Boskonovitch treats Jane, Lee enters the facility in a crazed state. Now fully aware that he will never inherit the company now, Lee slays all the security scientists and sets off the self-destruction sequence. Lei, Jack, Jane and Boskonovitch hear the countdown and evacuate along with countless soldiers. Jack sacrifices himself to hold a door open long enough for Lei and Boskonovitch to escape with Jane. The tower explodes with Lee still inside, and begins a chain reaction which turns the resort into a volcanic inferno. Kazuya seems to be losing against Heihachi, but he gives into his power again and overpowers his father brutally. Just as Kazuya prepares to throw his broken father into a river of lava, Jun appears and implores him to stop. Kazuya almost kills Jun, but when he notices her crying for him, he remembers the only person he ever loved and who ever cried for him: his mother. Kazuya sheds a tear and manages to expel the Devil’s influence from within him, reverting to his kind, compassionate self once again. Infuriated, Heihachi tries to punch Kazuya off the cliff, but Jun takes the blow and the three fall as the island begins exploding. Lei arrives in a submarine and picks up the remaining fighters, along with Kazuya and Jun. Heihachi escapes in a jet just before the island finally explodes.

Sometime later, Jun is seen knitting in a wood. Her young son, Jin (greatly resembling a young Kazuya) appears and asks her to tell him a story. Before she can begin, she looks up and senses a strange presence in the distance (possibly Ogre), but when Jin asks her what is wrong, she tells him everything is fine and they walk home together.


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