Jason X

Jason X is a 2002 science fiction horror slasher film directed by James Isaac. It is the tenth in the Friday the 13th film series and stars Kane Hodder as the undead mass murderer Jason Voorhees, the film made $16,951,798 worldwide with a budget of $14 million.[1] Thus far, it is the last appearance of Kane Hodder in the role of Jason Voorhees.

The film was conceived by Todd Farmer and was the only pitch he gave to the studio for the movie, having suggested sending Jason into space as a means to advance the franchise while Freddy vs. Jason was still in development hell[2] and is set in the future so as not to confuse the continuity of the series.


In 2008, Jason Voorhees is captured by the U.S. government and is being held at the Crystal Lake Research Facility. In 2010, Rowan LaFontaine, a government scientist, decides to place Jason in cryogenic suspension after several unsuccessful attempts to kill him. While Private Samuel Johnson places a blanket on Jason (who is hanging in chains) Doctor Aloysius Bartholomew Wimmer, Segeant Marcus, and a few soldiers hope to conduct further research into Jason’s rapid cellular regeneration and instead try to take Jason. They pull off the blanket of what is supposedly Jason, but find a dead Johnson instead. Having broken free of his restraints, Jason kills the team of soldiers. Wimmer is killed by being impaled with a broken restraint stick thrown by Jason. Rowan then spots Marcus thrown through the door. Before dying, he tells her to run. Rowan successfully lures Jason into a cryonic pod and activates it. However, Jason ruptures the pod with his machete and stabs Rowan in the abdomen, spilling cryonic fluid into the sealed room and freezing them both.

In the year 2455, Earth has become too polluted to support life and humanity has moved to a new planet, Earth Two. Three students, Tsunaron, Janessa, and Azrael are on a field trip led by Professor Brandon Lowe who is accompanied by an android, KM-14. They enter the Crystal Lake facility and find the still frozen Jason and Rowan, whom they bring to their spaceship, the Grendel. Also on the ship are Lowe’s remaining students, Kinsa, Waylander, and Stoney. Once there, they reanimate Rowan while Jason is pronounced dead and left in the morgue. Lowe’s intern, Adrienne, is ordered to dissect Jason’s body. Lowe, who is in serious debt, calls his financial backer Dieter Perez of the Solaris who notes that Jason’s body could be worth a substantial amount to a collector.

While Stoney has sex with Kinsa, Jason comes back to life, and kills Adrienne by sticking her head in a sink filled with liquid nitrogen and smashing it against a counter top. Jason then takes a machete-shaped surgical tool and makes his way through the ship. He kills Stoney by impaling him with the surgical tool, and drags him away, to Kinsa’s horror. Sergeant Brodski finds out, and leads a group of soldiers to attack Jason. Meanwhile, Jason attacks Dallas and Azrael playing a game. He kills Azrael by breaking his back, and later Dallas is killed after having his face smashed on the wall. He then tries to attack Crutch, but Brodski and his soldiers save him by gunning him down. Jason disappears, and Brodski splits them up. Jason kills them one by one though. Sven is killed by having his neck broken. Condor is impaled on a drill. Geko is murdered after Jason slits her throat. Jason attacks Kicker, but he shoots him, causing him to back up and get impaled on a grappel. While Kicker tells Brodski, Jason unhooks himself and splits Kicker in half, killing him. Brodski tries looking for his soldiers, but comes across the dead body of Briggs impaled on a hook. Brodski is then impaled by two spikes through a wall, injuring him.

Lowe orders Pilot Lou to dock in on Solaris. As he is talking with the Solaris engineer, he is then killed by Jason. With no pilot, the ship crashes through a nearby space station, destroying it, and killing Dieter Perez, and everyone else on the Solaris. The crash damages one of the Grendel’s pontoon sections. Jason breaks into the lab, reclaims his machete and decapitates Lowe.

With the ship badly damaged, the remaining survivors head for Grendel’s shuttle, while Tsunaron heads elsewhere with KM-14. After finding Lou’s remains, Crutch and Waylander prepare the shuttle. Rowan finds Brodski, but is too heavy for her to carry, so she leaves to get help. Waylander leaves to help with him, while Crutch prepares the shuttle himself. Suddenly, Crutch is attacked and killed by having his head smashed on the control panel. On board the shuttle, Kinsa has a panic attack and launches the shuttle without releasing the fuel line causing it to crash into the ship’s hull and explode, immolating her. Suddenly, Seargent Brodski attacks Jason, but is easily overpowered. Tsunaron reappears with an upgraded KM-14, complete with an array of weapons and new combat skills. She fights Jason off and seemingly kills him, knocking him into a nanite-equipped medical station, and blasting off his right arm, left leg, his right rib cage and finally part of his head. The survivors send out a distress call and receive a reply from a nearby patrol shuttle.

Nearly an hour passes, as the survivors begin setting explosive charges to separate the remaining pontoon from the main drive section. As they work, Jason is brought back to life by the damaged medical station. Since much of his biological tissue was destroyed, he is rebuilt as an even more powerful cyborg. Jason then easily defeats KM-14 by punching her head off. As Tsunaron picks up her still functioning head, Jason attacks them, but is stopped by Waylander, who sacrifices himself by setting off the charges while the others escape. Jason survives and is blown back onto the shuttle. He punches a hole through the hull, sucking out Janessa. A power failure with the docking door forces Brodski to go EVA to fix it.

Meanwhile, a hard light holographic simulation of Crystal Lake is created to distract Jason, but he sees through the deception just as the door is fixed. Brodski confronts Jason so the rest can escape. As they leave, the pontoon explodes, again propelling Jason at high-speed towards the survivors, however, Brodski intercepts Jason in mid-flight and maneuvers them both into the atmosphere of Earth Two, incinerating them both. Tsunaron assures KM-14 that he will build a new body for her while Rowan breathes a sigh of relief.

On the planet, two teens beside a forest lake set off to find where a “falling star” landed as Jason’s charred mask sinks to the bottom of the lake.


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