Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason is a 2003 American slasher film directed by Ronny Yu. The film is the only crossover between the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises. It is the eighth and eleventh entries in their respective series, pitting their antagonists, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, against each other.

In the film, Freddy (Robert Englund) has grown weak, as the citizens of fictional Springwood, Ohio have suppressed their fear of him. In order to regain his power, Freddy resurrects Jason (Ken Kirzinger) and manipulates him into traveling to Springwood to cause panic and fear. However, while Jason succeeds in causing enough fear for Freddy to haunt the town again, he continues to intrude on Freddy’s territory and steal his potential victims. This ultimately sends the two monsters into a violent conflict.

This film marked Robert Englund’s final appearance to date as Freddy Krueger, having portrayed him in all seven previous Nightmare films and the 1980s TV series, as well as the first movie since Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood not to feature Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees.

Chronologically, the film is set after the events of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”, but before “Jason X. “Jason X” was released first because Freddy vs. Jason was stuck in development hell at the time.[citation needed] This film was the debut of R&B singer Grammy-winner Kelly Rowland as an actress.


The film opens with flashbacks of the past Nightmare on Elm Street films as Freddy Krueger longs for when he was feared by children. Trapped once more and unable to escape because the parents of Springwood figured out how to keep the children from remembering him, he locates Jason Voorhees in Hell and disguises himself as Jason’s mother. He convinces Jason to rise again and go to Springwood to slaughter the teens; though Jason will kill the teenagers, Freddy will be blamed, and thus their growing fear will allow him to escape his prison once more.

Jason arrives on Elm Street, sneaking into the house where Nancy Thompson and Jesse Walsh used to live, now owned by Lori Campbell and her widowed father. While Lori and her friends Kia, Gibb, Blake and Trey are in the house, Jason kills Trey using his machete. The group is taken in to the police for questioning. After overhearing several police officers discussing Freddy, Lori falls asleep and has a dream about him, allowing him to gain some of his powers back. Freddy then tries to attack Blake in his dreams but is unable to harm him. Blake awakens to find his father beheaded, sitting next to him, and is, a moment later, killed by Jason. In order to avert suspicion from Freddy, the police claim that Blake killed Trey and his father, and then took his own life.

Lori has recurring dreams about Freddy and tells Kia and Gibb about it. She is reunited with her boyfriend, Will Rollins and his friend Mark, who were institutionalized in Westin Hills Asylum and escaped after hearing of the murders on Elm Street. At a rave, Gibb falls asleep and is attacked by Freddy after he took the form of the deceased Trey to lure her into his trap while another person at the rave attempts to rape her. Before Freddy can kill Gibb, Jason appears and kills them both, angering Freddy, who realizes that Jason is now attacking his [Freddy’s] victims and won’t stop.

Jason attacks the rave, killing Shack and several others. Afterward, Will, Lori, Kia, and two fellow students – Freeburg and Linderman – escape and meet up with officer Stubbs, who believes the murders are being committed by a Jason copycat. The group pieces together Freddy’s original plan and that he is losing control of Jason. Realizing they need Hypnocil to prevent them from dreaming, they break into Westin Hills. Before they get to Westin Hills Freddy kills Mark as a message to the others that Freddy has returned. While at Westin Hills, Freddy possesses Freeburg to stop the group from taking Hypnocil. After killing one of the sanitarium’s guards, Jason electrocutes Stubbs and is then confronted by Freddy in Freeburg’s body. Freddy succeeds in injecting Jason with tranquilzers, but Jason kills Freeburg before sucumbing to the sedative.

In the dream world, Jason realizes he was tricked by Freddy and a battle ensues between the two. While Freddy is unable to kill Jason at first, he soon discovers Jason’s fear of water and exploits this weakness, turning Jason into a child and then bringing him into a nightmare of his childhood.

Lori comes up with the idea to drive unconscious Jason back to Crystal Lake, while she goes into the dream world to find Freddy and pull him into the real world and pit the two against each other, hoping Jason will win because he’ll be renegized by being back at “home”. Furthermore if Jason kills Freddy, he will be at Crystal Lake and will not come after the group when he’s finished. In the dream, Lori sees Freddy attempting to drown Jason and unwillingly wakes Jason up, who attacks the group, who have now arrived at Crystal Lake.

Freddy, enraged, brings Lori into a nightmare, which reveals that he was the one who possessed her mother, and forced her father to kill her[Lori’s mother]. Freddy attempts to kill Lori. After nearly getting molested by Freddy, Lori awakens and drags him in the waking world after her arm gets burned. Jason attacks Freddy, who is somewhat paralyzed by his ironic fear of fire, and throws him through the burning cabin’s roof. Lori, Will, Kia and Linderman try to escape, but Linderman is wounded and dies soon afterwards. Kia tries to save Lori and Will from Freddy by taunting him about Jason being superior over him, but is then swiftly dispatched by Jason. Freddy and Jason continue their battle and Lori decides to stay until she is assured of Freddy’s death.

While Freddy seems to be no match for Jason’s physical power, he still heavily wounds Jason because of his dominant speed and agility, even gaining possession of Jason’s machete. During their fight, Lori and Will burn the propane gas tanks at the docks to blow both Freddy and Jason up. When the fire starts to spread, Jason rips off Freddy’s clawed arm and Freddy drives the machete into Jason’s chest. Lori and Will dive under the dock as the gas tanks start burning and seconds later, they explode, sending Freddy and Jason into the lake. Freddy comes back and attempts to kill Lori with Jason’s machete. But before he can, Jason attacks from behind, stabbing Freddy with his own clawed glove before falling into Crystal Lake; though it is not made clear as to whether he did so to continue fighting Freddy or to help Lori since she saved him earlier.

Fatally wounded, Freddy drops the machete and kneels at the dock helplessly. Lori picks up the machete, then shouts “Welcome to my world, bitch!” (which is what Freddy said to her earlier) then beheads Freddy and throws the machete into the lake as Jason gives her a respectful looking gaze and sinks into Crystal Lake. Lori and Will depart, but the next morning Jason rises from the water, alive and carrying his machete and Freddy’s severed head, appearing to be the victor. However, Freddy’s head then winks at the audience and his laugh can be heard as the screen cuts to black, indicating that he is still alive.


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