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Worms 3D is an artillery game[2] in the Worms series. It was developed by Team17. The game was the first in the series to be in 3D and also featured several new weapons. Additionally, some of the weapons operations are substantially different from previous Worms titles. And while it is rated T by the ESRB, which is a first for the series, it is rated 3+ by PEGI, which is also a first for the series. (Before, the games were rated 7+ or 12+) It is unknown why the ESRB chose the higher rating while PEGI chose the 3+ rating. The Mac OS X version of the game was released in April 2004 by Feral Interactive.[3]


The gameplay itself hasn’t changed much from its predecessors, with the exception of the three-dimensional view, which allows the player more freedom, and more possibilities, to complete the task at hand. Modes like Campaign and Quick Match return from previous versions. The game also features a multiplayer feature, as well as the ability to edit and create teams. The objective of most of the matches is to eliminate the opposing forces’ worms, whereas the Campaign mode gives the player sets of specific goals which he needs to complete.

The campaign consists of 35 small missions in which the player has to utilise their worms to complete a certain task, like destroy enemy worms, collect a certain crate, or even unique missions, like having to detonate 16 hidden landmines in a certain time. All of the missions give awards depending on how well you do. Gold medals usually unlock bonuses as for example maps, challenge missions, infos about weapons or voice banks. In the challenge missions in you have to use a weapon/utility to collect targets that add to your timebank which increases steadily. Getting a gold medal here unlocks maps or locked weapons.


Bazooka Family Bazooka Homing Missile Mortar
Grenade Family Grenade Cluster Bomb Gas Canister Holy Hand Grenade Banana Bomb
Sighting Family Shotgun Uzi Petrol Bomb Blow Pipe Sticky Bomb
Hand Family Fire Punch Baseball Bat Viking Axe Prod
Put Family Mine Dynamite
Animal Family Homing Pigeon Sheep Super Sheep Old Woman Mad Cow
Air Assault Family Air Strike Concrete Donkey Lottery Strike Doctors Strike

Weapons Panel

Bazooka Homing Missile Mortar Homing Pigeon Red Bull
Grenade Cluster Bomb Gas Canister Holy Hand Grenade Banana Bomb
Shotgun Uzi Petrol Bomb Blowpipe Sticky Bomb
Fire Punch Baseball Bat Viking Axe Prod
Dynamite Land Mine Sheep Super Sheep Old Woman Mad Cow
Air Strike Concrete Donkey Lottery Strike Doctors Strike
Jet Pack Ninja Rope Teleport Parachute Girder Bridge Kit
Binoculars Freeze Scales Of Justice Earthquake Nuclear Bomb
Skip Go Worm Select Fast Walk Low Gravity Mega Mine

Film references

Campaign has many film references and moments. Most notably the level Place Holder is a huge devotion to the Jaws series, from the dead shark (With a fire extinguisher in its mouth), the boat, the fuel canisters, and even on the back of the boat there is a sign visible saying ‘ORCA’, the name of the boat. Elsewhere, the lighthouse and billboard are recreated, the latter under the guise of ‘Worms Island’.

In the game, you can obtain the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As an additional reference, the only available fuse time is three, referencing a long, drawn out speech in the film about three being the only time that must be counted before throwing the grenade (After which the King counts to five).

There is a Multi-Player map titled “Hold Until Relieved”, which may be a reference to “The Longest Day”, a movie about the D-Day invasion. The scene where this quote is said has a bridge, just like the Worms map.


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