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Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (特捜戦隊デカレンジャー Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā[Note 1][Note 2]?) is the twenty-eighth production of the Super Sentai television series produced by Toei. The action footage from the show was used for the American series Power Rangers S.P.D..
The opening catchphrase of the series is “S.P.D.. Special Police Dekaranger. Five detectives who fight cool with burning hearts. Their mission: To combat space criminals who invaded Earth. They will protect the peace and safety of all humanity!” (S.P.D.。スペシャル ポリス デカレンジャー。燃えるハートでクールに戦う五人の刑事たち。彼らの任務は地球に侵入した宇宙の犯罪たちと戦い、人々の平和と安全を守ることである! S.P.D.. Supesharu Porisu Dekarenjā. Moeru hāto de kūru ni tatakau gonin no keiji-tachi. Karera no ninmu wa Chikyū ni shin’nyu shita Uchū no hanzai-tachi to tatakai. Hitobito no heiwa to anzen mo mamoru koto de aru!?).


The story begins when Banban Akaza arrives on Earth to the city of Megalopolis. He is transferred to the S.P.D. (Special Police Dekaranger) Earth branch by his commander. By that time, Agent Abrella, an Alienizer arms dealer, turns his destructive attention to Earth, helping the criminals there. It’s up to the Dekarangers to stop them and bring them to justice. The SPD of Earth are stationed in the Deka Base under the command of Doggy Cruger.


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