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Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a 2006 horror film directed by Christophe Gans and written by Roger Avary. The story is an adaptation of the Silent Hill series of survival horror video games created by Konami. The film, particularly its emotional, religious and aesthetic content as well as its creature design, includes elements from Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2 and 3. The film also includes some music, such as “Wounded Warsong”, from Silent Hill 4: The Room. A game in the series released after the film, Silent Hill Homecoming, incorporates some elements of the film.[2][3]

The film follows a mother, Rose, who takes her troubled adopted daughter, Sharon, to Silent Hill, the town the girl cries out for while sleepwalking. After being unconscious in a car crash outside the town, Rose awakens and is shocked to find Sharon missing and the town engulfed in an alternate reality of fog and falling ash. While searching for Sharon, she faces reality shifts and monsters while uncovering her daughter’s connections to the town’s very dark secrets.


Rose (Radha Mitchell) and her husband, Christopher Da Silva (Sean Bean), are concerned about their adopted daughter, Sharon (Jodelle Ferland), who has been experiencing nightmares and sleepwalking while screaming the name of a town, “Silent Hill”. Desperate for answers, Rose takes Sharon to Silent Hill. As they approach the town, she is pursued by police officer Cybil Bennett (Laurie Holden). A child appears in the road, causing Rose to swerve and crash the car, knocking herself unconscious. When she awakens, Sharon is missing, and fog and falling ash blanket the town.

Rose wanders the empty streets of Silent Hill looking for her daughter and instead encounters monsters which appear after sirens wail. Rose meets a woman named Dahlia Gillespie (Deborah Kara Unger) who speaks of terrible things done to her own daughter, Alessa, by the townspeople and claims that Sharon is Alessa. Rose returns to her car and runs into Cybil, who arrests her. After they discover that the road leading out of town leads to a fracture, they pair up to search the town.

Meanwhile, Christopher also simultaneously scours the town, shown to be abandoned and without mist and falling ash, with the assistance of Officer Thomas Gucci (Kim Coates), who grew up in the town. Christopher discovers documents showing that the town was abandoned after a coal seam fire thirty years ago, along with a photograph of Dahlia’s daughter who bears a strong resemblance to Sharon; told to stop investigating under threat of incarceration, he heads home.

Rose and Cybil meet a woman named Anna (Tanya Allen), who leads them to the town church for refuge. As they approach the building, Anna is killed by the monster Pyramid Head (Roberto Campanella). In the church, Rose and Cybil discover a cult, headed by a woman named Christabella (Alice Krige). Christabella tells Rose about a demon, who knows where Sharon is. After convincing Christabella to help them find the demon, who is feared by the townspeople, Rose and Cybil are taken to the town hospital. There, Christabella learns of the likeness between Sharon and Alessa, and condemns Rose and Cybil as witches. Cybil allows herself to be captured by the townspeople in order for Rose to escape and descend into the hospital basement. There, Rose encounters the burned Alessa in a hospital bed and a being in the form of a girl who strongly resembles Sharon.

In a flashback, Rose discovers that Silent Hill had a long history of witch burnings, stemming from the beliefs of the cult. Thirty years prior to Rose’s arrival, Alessa was stigmatized for having been born out of wedlock by an unknown father; her schoolmates bullied her, while the adults made no effort to protect her. During her time at school, Alessa was implied to be raped by the school’s janitor. Dahlia agreed to Christabella’s suggestion that she allow the cult to “restore the innocence” in Alessa. When not allowed to follow Alessa into the ritual, Dahlia realized that they intended to kill Alessa and ran to the police. Alessa was subjected to a ritual burning, but in the midst of the ritual, a fire accidentally burst out. When Dahlia returns with the police, Alessa is seriously burned, but alive. While in the hospital, Alessa’s pain and rage caused her “dark” side to manifest in the form of a duplicate of Alessa, who refers to herself as the darkness inside Alessa[4] [5][6]. Alessa then pulled the townspeople into a world of “dark” dreams, corrupted by the injuries that were inflicted on her body.[7] Rose learns that Sharon is the manifestation of Alessa’s remaining innocence and goodness. After the flashback, Rose is told that she must aid Alessa in her revenge by granting her entry into the church; she is also told that Christabella will soon find the real Sharon and attempt to burn her as well.

Rose enters the church after Cybil has already been burned to death by the townspeople, and Sharon is about to suffer a similar fate. She confronts Christabella with her knowledge of the truth, attempting to convince the cult that they are in denial of their own fate. Christabella stabs Rose, causing her blood to drip onto the church floor. The blood serves as a portal, and Alessa rises out of a pit and proceeds to kill Christabella and the townspeople with tendrils of barbed wire, leaving Dahlia, Rose, and Sharon the only survivors.

Rose and Sharon return home; though they are in the same room as Christopher, who has also returned home, they cannot see each other.


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