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Universal Soldier: Regeneration


Universal Soldier: Regeneration (also known in some countries as Universal Soldier: A New Beginning) is the 5th film in the Universal Soldier feature film series. It is directed by John Hyams (son of director Peter Hyams, who previously worked with Van Damme on two films, 1994’s Timecop and 1995’s Sudden Death; in this film Peter is the director of photography) with the screenplay written by Victor Ostrovsky. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, who both reprise their roles from the first film. Also, MMA fighter and former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski stars as ‘NGU’ (Next Generation UniSol), a Universal Soldier of the latest type, along with fellow MMA fighter Mike Pyle as Capt. Kevin Burke. Tekken star Jon Foo appears as a cameo in the film as one of the four UniSols. The film is unrelated to the two Universal Soldier television sequels that were produced in 1998 and ignores the events from the 1999 sequel Universal Soldier: The Return. The film was released theatrically in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and directly to video in the United States and other parts of the world.


A group of terrorists led by General Boris (Aki Avni) kidnap the Russian prime minister’s son and daughter and hold them hostage, demanding the release of their comrades within 72 hours. In addition, they have taken over the crippled Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and threaten to detonate it if their demands are not met. It is revealed that among the ranks of the terrorists is a Next-Generation UniSol (NGU) (Andrei Arlovski), who was smuggled in by rogue scientist Dr. Colin (Kerry Shale). U.S. forces bring in troops at the plant, but quickly retreat when the four UniSols revived for this mission are systematically eliminated by the NGU.

Meanwhile, former UniSol Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), who is being rehabilitated in Switzerland by Dr. Sandra Fleming (Emily Joyce) to rejoin society, is taken back by the military to participate in the mission. As the deadline nears its expiration, the prime minister announces the release of 110 prisoners. The terrorists rejoice and shut off their bomb. Dr. Colin, however, is not pleased with the outcome, as he feels his side of the business is not done. As the NGU is programmed not to harm the terrorists, Dr. Colin unleashes his second UniSol: a cloned and upgraded version of Andrew Scott (Dolph Lundgren) – Deveraux’s former nemesis, who quickly kills General Boris. Unfortunately, Dr. Colin never considered the mental instability of Scott, and he is immediately killed by his own creation. Scott then reactivates the bomb before heading out to hunt the children.

In the midst of the chaos, Capt. Kevin Burke (Mike Pyle) is sent in to infiltrate the plant and rescue the prime minister’s children. He is successful in locating them and decides to lead them out of the building. On their way out, they encounter NGU. The children flee for safety as Burke fends off NGU in vain, finally being stabbed to death after a long fight.

With 30 minutes remaining, Deveraux is geared up and sent to the plant, where he kills every terrorist in sight. He then sees the children cornered by Scott. Before Scott gets a chance to kill the children, Deveraux attacks him, and a grueling fight ensues. In the end, Deveraux impales Scott on the forehead with a lead pipe and fires a shotgun through it, blowing his brains out.

As Deveraux escorts the children to safety, they are attacked by NGU. Deveraux and NGU take the fight to the site of the bomb, with less than two minutes remaining. During the melee, Deveraux removes the detonator and jams it in the back of NGU’s uniform as they both jump out the reactor chamber. NGU pulls the detonator off his back, but it is too late, as it explodes, taking him with it. U.S. soldiers quickly arrive on the scene and tend to the children as Deveraux runs away. Meanwhile, Capt. Burke’s body is placed in a black bag and taken away.

Back in Langley, Virginia, Burke’s body is stored in a cryogenic chamber, along with multiple clones made of him.


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