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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief


Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (also called Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief) is a 2010 fantasy-adventure film directed by Chris Columbus. The film is based on The Lightning Thief, the first novel in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series by Rick Riordan. It stars Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson alongside an ensemble cast which includes Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Rosario Dawson, Steve Coogan, Uma Thurman, Catherine Keener, Kevin McKidd, Sean Bean and Pierce Brosnan. It was released to theaters on February 12, 2010.[4]

In its opening weekend in North America the film ranked number two; and in its first week the film grossed $38.8 million, recouping 36.86% of its $95-million budget.[5] The film grossed $255,057,663 internationally. The film was met with mixed critical reception.


At the top of the Empire State Building, Zeus (Sean Bean) tells his brother Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) that his master bolt has been stolen. He blames Poseidon’s son for the theft and, despite Poseidon’s claims of his son’s innocence, tells him the bolt must be returned by midnight on the summer solstice in 14 days or a war would begin between the Olympians.

Seventeen-year-old Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) is shown underwater in the opening credits, implying that he can remain underwater for long amounts of time, though he doesn’t know why. His step father, Gabe Ugliano (Joe Pantoliano) is revealed to be a disgusting man who treats Percy’s mother, Sally Jackson (Catherine Keener) wrongfully.

Percy goes on a class field trip to an exhibition of Greek and Roman art, with his friend Grover Underwood (Brandon T. Jackson). While walking into the museum, Percy hears a voice in his head warning him that everything is about to change. During the field trip , Percy is lured away from the crowd by a Fury, disguised as his substitute English teacher, who then attacks him and questions him about the lightning bolt. The incredulous Percy, who has no knowledge of what its talking about, is rescued by his Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner (Pierce Brosnan). After dispatching the Fury, Brunner gives Percy a pen, instructing him that this pen is in fact, a very powerful weapon and to use it only in the direst of circumstances. Grover then informs Percy’s mother regarding Percy’s danger and when Gabe attempts to insult Percy’s mother again, Grover knocks Gabe unconscious. After escaping from Gabe, on Brunner’s instruction, Grover takes Percy to a training camp for demigods, Camp Half-Blood, along with Percy’s mother. Although Percy and Grover, who is revealed to be a satyr, make it to the camp, its defenses prohibit Sally from entering, and she is immediately captured by the Minotaur attacking them, and turns to golden dust in front of Percy. Percy engages in a battle with the Minotaur, using the pen, which turns into a sword, eventually killing the creature with one of its horns after it gets stuck in the tree it rammed trying to get Percy.

Percy passes out and awakens in the infirmary, with Grover informing him he’d been unconscious for 3 days. While touring camp Half-Blood, Percy learns that Brunner is the mythological centaur Chiron, and the camp’s trainer, and that his (Percy’s) father is the god Poseidon. He also meets Luke Castellan (Jake Abel), a son of Hermes, and Annabeth Chase (Alexandra Daddario), a daughter of Athena. While at the camp, Percy learns from Poseidon’s voice that water has the power to heal his injuries, and allows him to manifest his magical abilities.

Hades (Steve Coogan) later appears and reveals that Sally Jackson is his prisoner, and proposes she be traded for the master bolt. Chiron instructs Percy not to bargain with the god, but to go to Olympus to convince Zeus of his innocence. Percy sneaks away from the camp to travel to the Underworld, along with Grover and Annabeth. Luke supplies them with a portable shield, flying shoes and a map to Persephone’s (Rosario Dawson) pearls, which would allow them to exit the Underworld.

The first pearl is located in Auntie Em’s Garden Emporium, an old statuary store in Leeds Point, New Jersey, which is revealed to also be the lair of Medusa (Uma Thurman). She attacks the trio, but they manage to decapitate her, and take the pearl from her bracelet. They also take her head, which they later successfully use against a Hydra, which attacks them during their acquisition of the second pearl from the crown of a giant statue of Athena at the Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee. During their stay in Nashville, the trio also discovers that Gabe has appeared on television news, accusing Percy of attempting to “kill” him and of “kidnapping” Percy’s mother, which then makes Percy wanted as a criminal. The third and final pearl is found on a roulette wheel at the Lotus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is also the lair of the Lotus Eaters. While there, Percy, Annabeth and Grover are encouraged by the casino staff to eat lotus flowers, which drug them and make them unwilling to leave. Eventually Percy is warned not to eat the flowers by the voice of Poseidon. He then wakes the other two and they escape with the pearl from the casino in a prize display sportscar. They then realize they’ve been there for 5 days and only have until the next day to get the bolt. The map reveals an entrance to the Underworld in Hollywood, beneath the Hollywood Sign.

The trio enter the Underworld, where Percy attempts to explain to Hades that he is not the lightning thief. Hades then produces Percy’s mother from a container of dust, from which she re-materializes. Percy drops the shield that Luke had given him in the camp before they left, which reveals the lightning bolt concealed inside its handle, along with the fact that Luke had set them up. A confrontation ensues, during which Persephone takes the lightning bolt, and actually helps the trio by knocking Hades unconscious with it and saving their lives. She reveals that if Hades killed the other gods, she would be all alone with him, which is something she did not want. Percy, his mother and Annabeth then use the pearls to transport themselves to the entrance to Olympus. Unfortunately, Grover is left behind in Persephone’s “care”, as they only possess three pearls. They find themselves at the top of the Empire State Building, and are confronted there by Luke who admits that he is the real lightning thief. Expressing his desire for a new generation of rulers to take over Olympus, he explains that he had hoped that the trio would not have escaped the Underworld alive. Percy and Luke then engage in battle, with possession of the bolt passing between them at various points. Percy eventually wins through the use of his ability to manipulate water, then creates a water trident and throws it at Luke, which pins to him and propels him into the river below. Percy arrives back to the top of the building, and Sally, Annabeth and Percy all take a secret elevator to Olympus where he presents the retrieved bolt to Zeus and reveals the truth about Luke leading Zeus to praise and thank Percy politely. Percy also requests that Zeus retrieve Grover from the Underworld, which the god agrees to. Poseidon explains to Percy the reason why they could not know each other during Percy’s childhood, but expresses his love for his son. Percy returns to Camp Half-Blood, where he resumes his training, ending the film in the midst of a training duel with Annabeth.

During the ending credits sequence, Sally Jackson angrily ends her marriage to Gabe, and leaves him with his belongings. Wanting a beer, he finds a lock and a note from Percy on the refrigerator door with instructions not to open it under any circumstances. Furious, he breaks off the lock and sees Medusa’s head inside the refrigerator. The screen fades to black as crackling (Gabe turning to stone) is heard and the credits continue.


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