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The Human Centipede 2

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) is a 2011 body horror film directed by Dutch filmmaker Tom Six. The sequel to 2010’s Dutch film The Human Centipede (First Sequence), the film was scheduled for direct-to-DVD release. It was originally banned in the United Kingdom by the BBFC because of its “revolting” content but was eventually granted an 18 certificate after over 32 cuts were made.

The film was shot in color and converted to black-and-white in post-production. The film’s main antagonist (and lead) played by Laurence R. Harvey, has no dialogue except for a few laughs and moans.[4] There is little dialogue in the film’s second half, except for moans, screams, and whimpers.[5]


In the tollbooth of a parking garage in rainy London, Martin Lomax — a short, obese, asthmatic man in his 40s — watches The Human Centipede (First Sequence) on his laptop computer. Martin is obsessed with the film and he keeps a centipede in a glass terrarium and maintains a detailed scrapbook of the film, including sketches of the “100% medically accurate” procedures used in the film. Martin is intent on recreating the fictional experiment of connecting people mouth-to-anus but desires to create a “full sequence” of 12 connected people. Martin lives with his suicidal mother who bullies and threatens Martin for having his father put in prison for sexually abusing Martin when he was a boy. Dr. Sebring, Martin’s doctor, also touches him inappropriately and prescribes heavy medication.

Martin acquires a dingy, dimly-lit warehouse after killing the man who is leasing it. He leaves the man’s car parked outside the warehouse, and begins abducting from the car park the people to use as “segments” by knocking them unconscious with a crowbar, then binding their hands and feet with tape and driving them to the warehouse, where he removes their clothes. His victims include an aggressive young man and his girlfriend; a man who complains about the automatic teller machines having no cash; two drunk party girls who catch Martin masturbating with sand paper while watching First Sequence; an upstairs neighbor who has threatened Martin and his mother with violence when she complains about his loud music by banging the broom on the ceiling enraging the man; a rich man and his pregnant wife; a cab driver and prostitute who happens to be servicing Dr. Sebring in Martin’s car park; and Ashlynn Yennie, who played the tail-end of the human centipede in First Sequence. Martin shoots Dr. Sebring in the genitals and head, and also kills his mother by caving her head in with his crowbar as punishment for destroying his scrapbook of the film and payback for the cruel way she treated him with emotional and verbal abuse.

Once Martin has his twelve victims, he begins assembling his “centipede.” Martin severs the tendons in each person’s knees to prevent them from fleeing. He uses a hammer to knock out their teeth one by one, fishing out their teeth with his fingers so they will not swallow and choke on them in a suicide attempt. He slices open the buttocks of the victims, and then uses a staple gun and duct tape to attach each person’s face to the next person’s buttocks and anus. Martin chooses Ashlynn to be the front of the “human centipede”, so she does not have to eat anyone else’s feces because it’s clear he has a crush on her. During the assembly process, the pregnant woman is presumed dead, and another victim dies during the procedure, so the centipede can only be made with ten people, instead of twelve. This setback saddens and infuriates Martin but also encourages him to get on with it.

After assembly of the victims, Martin, now clad only in his underwear, begins experimenting with his “human centipede.” Martin force-feeds Ashlynn soup using a funnel and a length of tubing after his 1st attempt to feed her like a pet fails and she smacks the bowl across the room and shakes her head in refusal. Worried that Ashlynn’s screams for help might be heard, Martin tears her tongue out with a pair of pliers. Martin then injects each victim with a syringe of laxative, forcing each individual in the chain to explosively evacuate their bowels into the mouth of the person behind them. Martin breaks down in tears of joy as he watches his ‘creation’ perform. He laughs in a happy manner and blows raspberries in imitation mocking his centipede in a revengeful like way, but the smell of feces eventually causes Martin to vomit.

As Martin anally rapes the woman at the rear of the centipede with a length of barbed wire ( Seen only in the U.S. uncut DVD, and the UK and Australian Uncut download), the pregnant woman, believed dead, regains consciousness and runs outside screaming, visibly in labor and gushing blood from her uterus. She leaps into the leasing agent’s car and births her child into the foot well as Martin tries to get in. As the engine starts, she throws the vehicle into reverse and stomps on the accelerator, crushing the baby’s skull under the pedal. Meanwhile, the upstairs neighbor rips his face from the person in front of him, separating the ‘centipede’ into two halves. Martin begins shooting all the victims in rage. Ashlynn throws Martin’s centipede cage at him, smashing the glass and setting the centipede free. Martin shoots and kills all the victims of one ‘half’, then uses a knife to slit the throats of the remaining victims, saving Ashlynn for last. As Martin advances on Ashlynn, upset she is not returning his affections, she punches him in the genitals, shoves the funnel into Martin’s rectum, and drops his pet centipede into it. In agony, Martin stabs Ashlynn in the face and staggers out, screaming. Ashlynn is seen still moving slightly, hinting that she may have survived.

The lights in the warehouse go out, and the scene cuts back to the toll booth, as Martin, looking the same before the creation of his centipede, is watching the credits of First Sequence on his laptop, leaving the audience to decide if the events really happened or were only in Martin’s head. However, one can still hear the cries from a baby he jiggled in a fatherly way and left inside a car. As the credits roll, the baby is heard, still crying.


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