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List of 00 Agents


00-agent Name Description
Agent 001 Edward Donne Referred to in the Raymond Benson novel, Doubleshot, Edward Donne is the only agent 001.
Agent 004 Frederick Wardner, Scarlett Papava A 004 appears in the Benson novel The Facts of Death. In the Sebastian Faulks novel Devil May Care, Bond girl Scarlett Papava is unveiled as 004, replacing the previous agent who was killed in Berlin.
Agent 005 Stuart Thomas Was 005 until defective eyesight impaired his marksmanship, and he was made head of Station G (Greece) in Colonel Sun.
Agent 006 Major Jack Giddings 006, a Royal Marine commando, is mentioned in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In The Moneypenny Diaries: Guardian Angel he is named as Major Jack Giddings and second to Bond in the 00 section.
Agent 007 James Bond James Bond is the only agent 007. During You Only Live Twice, Bond was transferred into another branch and given the number 7777, suggesting there was no active agent 007 in that time; he is reinstated as such in The Man with the Golden Gun. In the John Gardner novels, agent 007 is the remaining active 00-agent, the section was disbanded in the 1980s, later contradicted by Raymond Benson’s novels.
Agent 008 Bill In the novel Goldfinger, Bond thinks to himself that 008 would likely avenge Bond by killing Goldfinger. As Bond thinks this, he ruminates that 008 is “a good man, more careful than Bond.” In the novel Moonraker, 008 (called “Bill” by Bond) is mentioned as being on recuperative leave after returning from a mission behind the Iron Curtain.
Agent 0010 John Wolfgramm Referred to in the Benson novel The Man with the Red Tattoo.
Agent 0011 Cederic Mentioned briefly in the novel Moonraker as vanishing while on assignment in Singapore.
Agent 0012 Sam Johnston Although unmentioned on screen, Benson’s The World Is Not Enough novelisation has Bond investigating 0012’s death at story’s start (seen in a photograph of a dark-haired man, in the film).

Films and other official media

00-agent Name Description
Agent 002 Bill Fairbanks A 002 first appears in Thunderball. Shot through the neck and killed by Francisco Scaramanga, The Man with the Golden Gun, in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1969 (film version: The Man with the Golden Gun 1974). In The Living Daylights film, another Agent 002, played by Glyn Baker, was training at Gibraltar, with 004 and 007.
Agent 003 Jason Walters, Jack Mason A 003 first appears in Thunderball. Found dead, in Siberia, in A View to a Kill film. Another (unrelated) MI6 agent is Jack Mason, 003 who is shot in the gut and killed by Nikolai Diavolo, the villain, in the Everything or Nothing video game (2004). Diavolo is connected with the villain Max Zorin from A View to a Kill.
Agent 004 Aidan Flemmings A 004 first appears in Thunderball. Played by Frederick Warder, 004 accompanied 002 and 007 to Gibraltar in The Living Daylights film; he is murdered by a false KGB agent who tags the body with “Death to Spies” in Russian. His support rope is cut and he is sent plummeting down a cliff to his death. In the GoldenEye video game, on the Silo mission briefing, Q mentions to 007 to “remember to treat the timed explosives with respect – you remember what happened to 004 in Beirut”; it is unclear whether he speaks of another agent or the one listed above.
Agent 005 Stuart Thomas 005 appears in Thunderball.
Agent 006 Alec Trevelyan A 006 first appears in Thunderball. When 006 was used again, the character was now named and played in a bigger role in GoldenEye as the main antagonist. One of Bond’s friends, he betrayed MI6 and Her Majesty’s Government with his fake death, and then, years later, by stealing the GoldenEye satellite from the Russian Federation, intending to use it cripple Britain down to a financial meltdown. His motive for these plans was a personal one: avenging his family, who were all Lienz Cossacks, betrayed to the Communists by the British government after World War II has ended. He also begrudged Bond’s not allowing him time to escape the Soviet chemical weapons factory they were sent to destroy at the beginning of the film. Trevelyan is killed when he is crushed by the destroyed wreckage of his satellite base.
Agent 007 James Bond See above.
Agent 008 Bill Timothy A 008 first appears in Thunderball. In Goldfinger M threatens to replace 007 with agent 008. In The Living Daylights, M again threatens to replace 007 “I’ll recall 008 from Hong Kong” says M[2]. In the film Goldfinger, Bond tells Auric Goldfinger, “…if I fail to report, 008 replaces me.” In the movies the 008 is the only one (other than Bond) that wasn’t killed doing his job. The James Bond 007 tabletop role-playing game released in the 1980s suggests 008 is a woman. In the video game James Bond 007, 008 (male) gives Bond an exploding pen before dying. The suggested woman replaced 008.
Agent 009 Peter Smith A 009 first appears in Thunderball. Mischka and Grischka kill him (dressed as a clown) after the opening credits in Octopussy by throwing a knife into his back as he tries to escape them. In The World Is Not Enough, M assigned another 009 to kill Renard; despite putting a bullet in his head, Renard lives with the bullet in his head slowly killing off his senses. In Quantum of Solace another 009 MI6 agent is assigned as M’s sentinel. The graphic novels Deadly Double and Serpent’s Tooth feature a fourth agent 009.
Agent 0012 Sam Johnston Although unmentioned on screen, Benson’s The World Is Not Enough novelisation has Bond investigating 0012’s death at story’s start (seen in a photograph of a dark-haired man, in the film).
Agent 0013 Briony Thorne A female 00-agent appearing in the comic strip Fear Face (published 18 January 1971 to 20 April 1971 in The Daily Express). Thorne is revealed to be a double agent for China.
Unknown Jonathan Hunter “GoldenEye A former 00-agent featured in GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. He was shot in the right eye, and was dismissed by MI6 for “reckless brutality”. He joined up with Auric Goldfinger against the shooter, Dr. Julius No, and eventually received a gold-hued, synthetic orb as a replacement for his right eye. After killing Goldfinger and Dr. No, he becomes Ernst Stavro Blofeld‘s bodyguard. Unlike other 00 agents listed here, GoldenEye only appears in the non-canon video game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. The game takes place in an alternate universe.
Unknown Agent York Killed in the comic strip River of Death (published 24 June 1969 to 29 November 1969 in The Daily Express). Agent York is a 00 agent but his number isn’t revealed.
Unknown Suzi Kew A recurring character in the Daily Express comic strip series of the 1960s and 1970s, Suzi Kew is a 00 agent but her number is not revealed.


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