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Kingdom Hearts Live Wallpaper

Kingdom Hearts Sora live wallpaper! Sora, yes, but also Riku and… Axel?!

A simple live wallpaper, put together by a fan, of Sora from Kingdom Hearts jumping up and down! He can also train with his Keyblades and Riku can be unlocked!

Please give me feedback on what you would like to see in this wallpaper, since it’s quite simple right now!

How to use it: press menu and select Wallpapers => Live wallpapers and pick it!

To change the wallpaper you need to select it and then press the “Show in Wallpaper” button. If the button doesn’t show, then you need to unlock that wallpaper with Kingdom Points, which you can get with free tasks!

If you’re using this app, could you give me a good rating? Some people seem to hate it for some reason… T_T

Now with more modes, you can even unlock Riku!
(To unlock the extra stuff you need an internet connection and to complete a free task, it may not work on all devices. I’m trying to come up with a solution for this!)

Optimized to not waste battery time, Sora’ll never get tired of jumping forever and ever, as he waits for Kairi. Or something.

The permissions asked are used for the unlocking service and nothing else!


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