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taptap music apiji tapping beat

More Songs Arrival!

Love the way you lie
The Swan

You can create you own Beats with Editor Plus!
And you can find the Editor Plus in Option Button.

Chrismas Version is now coming…

Let’s try it!!!

-More POP Songs for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
-1280*800 960*640 800*480 HD Version.
-Music Tapping X’mas will publish at Dec 1st,2011.Include 10 X’mas songs and X’mas Skins.
-PK with your friends on Openfient,Facebook,Twitter.

Some Reviews

Nice!! Love the game, but hope that there will be more songs by default. Love the function for creating own game, i can play to my favourite songs

Awesome!Two thumbs up! Awesome app! More customization options and smoother interface. But very good so far. No lag and love that you can use your own music!

Nice Good and awesome. .

Mmmm Esta bueno pero en mi telefono se friza en la cancion si arreglaran eso fuera mejor.

Music tapping Very nice wish there was more song selections

FUN… Pretty fast but you can get use to it pretty fast also

So addicting I am loving this app! Plus it lets you create your own renditions. I hope you an add more sample songs.

The breakthrough in Music Beats games—-Accelerated ball.It is different from the normal ball, it gets to the goal by Accelerated way,So that you interaction with music dramatically.

Allows you to create your own Beats and levels—-Beat editor.You will use the editor to design your own beats by the MP3 files in your phone.It is easy to use it,While the editing complex.

Beautiful scene—-Multi mode interactive effects. A variety of dynamic effects increased interactivity while the scene is more beautiful.


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