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Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 (stylized as MIB3 and alternatively spelled Men in Black III) is a 2012 American 3D science fiction comedy film. It was released on May 25, 2012 and stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. Principal photography began in New York City on November 16, 2010, taking place ten years after its predecessor Men in Black II and fifteen years after the release of the original Men in Black.[5] Barry Sonnenfeld and Steven Spielberg returned as director and executive producer respectively. It is the third installment in the Men in Black film series based on Lowell Cunningham’s The Men in Black comic book series.
Men in Black 3 received generally positive reviews from critics[6] and became a box office success with a worldwide gross of over $624 million.[4] It is also the highest grossing film in the series.[7][8] Buoyed by the film’s success, another sequel has been confirmed.[9]


Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement), last surviving member of the predatory Boglodite race, escapes from the previously inescapable LunarMax prison on Earth’s moon, also killing a team of guards and inmate Obadiah Price, intent on going back in time to kill Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who, on July 16, 1969, not only caused the loss of his left arm and arrest, but also put up the ArcNet, an advanced force field that encompasses Earth, to prevent the Boglodites from invading, thus leaving them to die. On Earth, MIB Chief Zed has passed away, being replaced with Agent O (Emma Thompson), someone K is very familiar with. K gives a rather poor speech to honor Zed’s memory, which upsets Agent J (Will Smith). After the funeral, K and J were ordered by O to talk to Mr. Wu at his Chinese restaurant due to several human with intestinal worms of alien origin, meanwhile, Boris goes to Obadiah’s son, Jeffery, to receive a time jumper to go back to July 16, 1969. News of Boris’s escape reaches K after he investigates a crashed spaceship in the New York City streets.
While K won’t reveal any details to J, he confesses his regret at not having killed Boris in 1969. Late that night when the two agents are in their respective apartments, K calls J seemingly to tell all, but he remains silent and J hangs up on him. K then makes preparation for an ambush and sets to wait, but he and all traces of his existence suddenly vanish from the apartment. The next morning, J goes to talk with K, only to find a family occupying his apartment instead. At MIB headquarters, all the other agents remember K as having being killed in 1969. O deduces that Boris used time-travel to kill K in the past, resulting in an altered timeline and an imminent Boglodite invasion of Earth, now vulnerable due to the absence of the protective ArcNet K installed. Through electronics-shop owner Jeffrey Price (Michael Chernus), J acquires the same time-jump mechanism as Boris, but when he asks how he can remember K when nobody else can, Jeffrey informs him that he must have “been there”, but is unable to provide more info when the invasion begins. J jumps off the Chrysler Building to reach time-travel velocity and arrives in July 15, 1969, one day before Boris.
With some inevitable challenges upon his arrival – including his lack of resources and his skin color – J goes to Coney Island to intercept Boris while he is there to commit a historically-recorded murder, which was on an alien named Roman the Fabulist, but a 29-year-old Agent K (Josh Brolin) interrupts and arrests J. J discovers O and K seem to have a relationship of sorts while being questioned at MIB headquarters; J had been advised not to interact with the younger K. K puts J in a large Neuralyzer. Seeing no way out, J reveals the truth of his mission, advising K to kill Boris this time; K aborts the procedure. As a wary team, they follow clues of Boris’s trail to a bowling alley and then to Andy Warhol’s Factory, where Warhol is revealed to be an undercover agent (who loathes his cover), helping Glamourians pass for human models. There, they meet the prescient alien Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), who occupies five dimensions and possesses the ArcNet. Griffin explains the Boglodites destroyed his planet and that he does not wish the Earth to suffer the same fate. Griffin then warns the two agents that Boris will soon arrive to kill him, leaving just before the Boglodite shows up.
Having lost all leads that J knows of, K decides they should have some pie and think things over. K offers to tell J anything he wouldn’t tell him in the future; J asks a few questions, but then overhears Mets fans complaining about the poor season, sparking an epithany: Griff kept talking about the Mets, so good chance is he’s at Shea Stadium. They find him there, viewing his favorite Mets game in probability. He gives them the ArcNet and instructs K that it must be placed onto the Apollo 11 lunar rocket, launching in less than six hours in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Boris arrives and snatches Griff; the agents pursue him and rescue Griffin, but Boris escapes. Griff explains K must be the one to install the ArcNet as it is how it happened before; J also reveals to K that Boris could kill him if he went with, earning a punch in the face for not telling him. At the same time, the elder Boris arrives and convinces his younger self to get the ArcNet and kill K to ensure both the invasion and that their left arm isn’t destroyed.
Upon arriving at Cape Canaveral, the agents and Griff are arrested by military police. A colonel, however, allows them to continue their mission after Griff uses his precognitive power to show the colonel how important the agents are. At the launch pad, J and K confront both versions of Boris and the battle ensues on the rocket scaffolding as the launch counts down. The elder Boris impales J with his spikes before they both fall off the pad; however, J uses the time-jump to travel back to the beginning of the fight and avoid the spikes before pushing the elder Boris off the scaffolding, falling to the pad below. Meanwhile, as K battles the younger Boris, he disconnects a hose causing it to spray liquid hydrogen on Boris’ left arm, freezing it and causing it to shatter. K then plants the ArcNet on the top of the rocket in the last seconds before blastoff. The elder Boris is incinerated (possibly eliminating the alternate future as K defeated the younger Boris and the elder one can’t alter the past now) in the blast off and the protective shield deploys as the rocket leaves Earth’s atmosphere.
The colonel congratulates K. As J watches from the distance, the younger Boris surprises them and tries killing K, only for the colnel to take the hit instead; Griffin warned “where there is death, there will ALWAYS be death.” The younger Boris tries getting K to arrest him, but because J warned him not to (as letting Boris live could lead to the alternate future or other temporal complications), K kills him. A young boy named James exits a military vehicle looking for his father, the colonel. He pulls out a pocket watch revealed earlier to have been passed down to Agent J by his father, and J realizes that the boy is actually his younger self (explaining Jeffrey’s revelation that he was there; he was present when Boris altered history by killing K). Unwilling to reveal his father’s death, K neuralyzes James, telling him his father is a hero and that he was asked to look out for him. J then realizes why K wouldn’t tell him about why he regretted arresting Boris.
With the timeline restored, J returns to the present day, where he meets his partner at a diner. There, he shows K his father’s pocket watch and thanks him, mentioning that he might now know more secrets than K does, hinting he knows his and O’s relationship. K rebuffs this, saying fraternizing with fellow agents is forbidden; J simply laughs at this, knowing better. As they leave the diner, Griffin, a few seats away, tells the viewers all is well with the world, except for an imminent asteroid impact on Earth if this is the timeline where K forgot to leave a tip. K returns to leave his tip, however, and the asteroid is shown colliding with an orbiting satellite instead.


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