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20100512 1 comment

ini adalah rpg game yang mengambil cerita yang dibuat oleh danny_warfield dan character yang diambil dari game dari beberapa character yang ada di game buatan indonesia..tapi pembuatanya tertunda karena gw kaga tau gambaran ceritanya game ini mengunakan engine final fantasy


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Hero Fighter

Hero Fighter (HF) is a beat-em up game created by Marti Wong, who was one of the designers of Little Fighter 2. The game is made using flash and is still being actively developed and refined by its creator. The game supports up to three human players on one computer, though those with v.0.2.0 (or higher) are able to access a Network Game mode, in which players can challenge other players through the internet.

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Little Fighter Online

Little Fighter Online (Chinese: 小朋友齊打交 Online) is a fighting game for Windows which is popular at start in Hong Kong, but has shown a rapid decline in popularity in its progress. The gameplay itself is based on the earlier Little Fighter 2 game, which had many of the same features at first glance. The game was produced by Marti Wong (involved in all LF games) and Oscar Chu, a Chinese MMO developer.

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